Attention!! You Only have 10 days From the Date of Your Arrest to Request a DMV Hearing or Your License Will Be Suspended.
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Helpful Tips:

Fact #6:
At this point in your stop for DUI or DWI, the Officer will probably get a little brisk with you and ask you to get out of the car. When you get out of the car, do not lean against the car, or the Officer may write in his or her report that you were so intoxicated that you had to lean against the car to hold yourself up.

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Here are some of our Court Case and DMV results.

Court Case's - This office handles cases for people who have been arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs.

DMV Case's - In addition to the criminal matter, this office handles DMV Admin Per Se hearings. This is where the Department of Motor Vehicles attempts to take your driving privilege from you for the same act of DUI driving as the criminal matter.