Born and raised in Oakland CA. Donald Gray Drewry has a reputation as a tough DUI attorney at the Oakland Superior Court, yet he is highly respected by Deputy District Attorneys and Other DUI lawyers as well. The best DUI lawyers hang around in the same circles, so watch out for "DUI" lawyers that say they don't know Donald Gray Drewry, it says a lot about the integrity and confidence if they are being dishonest about it or says a lot about their actual skills in the DUI defense realm if they really don't know who he is.
Remember, you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a DMV Hearing or your license will be suspended!
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Fact #16:
Following the aforementioned steps in your DUI or DWI investigation, will most certainly mean going to jail. However, you were probably going anyway, and they may increase your chance of winning your case as much as fifty (50%) depending on your case facts. The decision at the time of being stopped to follow this advise or not is up to you.

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Changes in 2013 for DUI's in Oakland

The Oakland, California Misdemeanor Courthouse is the Wiley Manuel Courthouse, and there are changes for 2013. Because of great State budget cuts that effect the judicial system, Alameda County has closed two (2) Misdemeanor Courthouses, Alameda and Berkeley. Their cases have now been shifted to an already heavy calendar at the Wiley Manuel Courthouse located at 661 Washington Street, Oakland, California. Due to the large volume of cases, you can expect your case to take several months to over a year to complete; if you or your attorney are handling it correctly.

The DAs are tough in Oakland, and with budget cuts, they don't want to cut deals like they use to, so they don't lose their jobs. A DUI conviction will increase your insurance rates, cause you to lose your driving privilege and possibly your job if driving is required, and is permanently on your criminal record. You need a Lawyer with knowledge, skill and experience in the area of DUI defense.

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