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Attention!! You Only have 10 days From the Date of Your Arrest to Request a DMV Hearing or Your License Will Be Suspended.
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Fact #7:
Next in your stop for DUI or DWI, the Officer will probably ask you some pre-arrest questions regarding your health, medication, when you ate last, what you ate, when you slept last, how long you slept, what time did you start drinking, what time did you stop drinking, what were you drinking, and how much did you have to drink. Most people say two (2) beers. You may tell the Officer if you have any medical conditions, but you should say nothing else. Simply say, Officer I do not wish to answer any questions thank you, and be polite, do not argue with the Officer.

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San Francisco DUI Lawyer

Watch out if you were arrested in San Francisco! The District Attorney will have you in court, usually within three (3) days, for your arraignment before the judge, so get a lawyer now before you go to court. In most other Cities you have thirty (30) days before you first appear in court, but San Francisco is unique in its rush to judgment especially on DUI cases where they want to get you off the road even when you are innocent.

Q: Will the DMV in San Francisco take my driverís license for this DUI arrest?

A: That depends on the circumstances of your case. The San Francisco Driver Safety Office only looks at three (3) issues. What you need to worry about first is getting the opportunity to get the hearing. Especially in San Francisco where they try to schedule your hearing before you get a chance to have your lawyer get evidence to help you keep your driving privilege. For more information on what goes on in a DMV hearing click on this link.

The San Francisco criminal courts are also unique in their trial system. If your case remains at 850 Bryant Street for trial, all trials are held in the afternoon only. However, if your case is transferred to San Francisco Civic Center Courthouse, the trial will run all day until completed. This means that you should plan to take your vacation time for a trial at 850 Bryant Street because it will take twice as long to complete. As a DUI lawyer that regularly appears in the San Francisco courthouse on these charges for my clients I am fully familiar with these procedures. I will be more than happy to go over all of the procedures of your DUI charges and defenses in a FREE consultation. Call me at : (510) 346-6666 or Toll Free (800) 690-4DUI/(800) 690-4384.

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