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Following the aforementioned steps in your DUI or DWI investigation, will most certainly mean going to jail. However, you were probably going anyway, and they may increase your chance of winning your case as much as fifty (50%) depending on your case facts. The decision at the time of being stopped to follow this advise or not is up to you.

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San Jose DUI Lawyer

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in San Jose, California is vigorously prosecuted. In fact, the District Attorney’s Office at San Jose, California will prosecute people for DUI with Blood Alcohol Concentrations (BAC) of .06%. I know, you thought you had to be a .08% or greater to be prosecuted for a DUI; well, it can be lower than .08%. The California Vehicle Code Section for this crime is both 23152(a) and 23152(b). The 23152(a) charge only requires that you be under the influence of alcohol with driving a vehicle, and you can be under the influence for the purposes of a DUI conviction at levels below .08%. The 23152(b) charge says that if you are a .08% or greater at the time of driving, you are illegal for purposes of driving by statute. That is the law, but that is not always what happened in your case despite a chemical test and that is why you need a DUI lawyer to help you in this criminal matter.

A common mistake for most people is to think of a DUI charge as a traffic ticket; it is not. A DUI is a criminal charge with major penalties, including but not limited to, court probation to formal probation, DUI school at your expense, a fine of at least $1600 in most jurisdictions, and jail time; yes, jail time. While jail time can usually be converted to Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP) for a 1st time DUI, this depends on the circumstances of your case, and for a 2nd time DUI or more the San Jose Court and District Attorney insist on strong penalties including the loss of your driving privilege for at least one (1) year and then a restricted license; that is not full driving privileges. Then there are the insurance consequences of a conviction for DUI; some carriers drop you.

At court, the District Attorney in San Jose is not there for your benefit either, so you need an experienced DUI lawyer on your side to have a chance in the criminal legal system. Call me for a FREE consultation Toll Free at: (800) 690-4DUI (690-4384)

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