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If you are ill or have been in an accident in your DUI or DWI investigation and are taken to the hospital for treatment, you are required to give blood. But there must be a reason to take you to the hospital, not just because the Officer wants you to take a blood test. In California you have the right to choose between a breath or blood test. Always choose breath at the police station; not the hand held breath test in the street unless the Officer tells you that it is the chemical test and not a preliminary test. Now if the Officer suspects that you are under the influence of drugs, the Officer may also require you to take a urine or blood test in addition to the breath test, but the Officer must tell you so, and if that is the case, take it, but never request another test after you have taken the breath test at the police station even if one is offered.

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There is no doubt about it, San Mateo County, both Redwood City and Sourth San Francisco courts are tough. The District Attorney in San Mateo County fights everyone of these cases by throwing in everything they can to use against you in a DUI case, and the Judges let them let them do it. Who is going to do it for you? Many lawyers say they do DUI cases, but they don't put in all the time and effort or have the experience to properly defend a DUI case. Don't waste your time with someone who will just go through the motions and walk you through the process.

If you have taken a breath test and suffer from GERD,you won't have a reliable test result, GERD, effects the breath machines. There are many other defenses for breath tests, and whether your case is sent to Redwood City or South San Francisco you will need them all.

If you took a blood test, chances are very good that they did not do it correctly, and this is another area that we may be able to help in your defense. Additionally, before you were arrested, you took Field Sobriety Tests in the street. Mr. Drewry is a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Instructor of Field Sobriety Tests, 90% of the time police officers do Field Sobriety Tests incorrectly.


This is a criminal offense not a traffic ticket, that is why you need an experienced lawyer to represent you. Donald Gray Drewry is not only a top DUI Defense Lawyer, he is the Vice President of the California DUI Lawyer's Association, teaching other lawyers in San Mateo County and the rest of the State of California how to best defend DUI charges. In fact, Donald Gray Drewry, speaks Nationally to DUI lawyers not just those in California and the Bay Area on DUI Defense. Contact Donald Gray Drewry at 1-800- 690-4DUI. He will fight for you and do everything he can to get you the best outcome as he has for many others in San Mateo County. Get the legal help you need contact us today for a FREE consultaion at 1-800-690-4DUI.

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